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Pete's Sayings

Pete was known for his many wise sayings. Many friends and family members have shared their favorite "Petey van" sayings, and we are collecting them here for all to enjoy. If you have a Pete saying that isn't included here, feel free to reach out through the Contact form.

On Life Philosophy

Share an enthusiasm

Fill a vacuum (Sally van Schaick)

Straight "A"s; Flunked life

Never let schooling get in the way of your education (attributed to Mark Twain)

You can always take one more step, no matter how daunting the task

Look for a craftsman, not a businessman


On Dealing with Adversity and Aging

Life is lumpy

Another barnacle on the ship of life

Getting old is not for sissies


On Viewing the World

The map is not the territory (Sally van Schaick)

The closer you look, the more complicated it gets


On Society

Markets make good servants and poor masters (Keynes)

Thrift is a private virtue, and a public vice (Keynes, roughly)

Privatization is Piratization

Economy serves people on our planet

Taxes are the price we pay for civilization (Holmes)

Institutions shape human behavior

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