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Employment Law & Civil Rights


Since graduating from Rutgers Law School in 1975, most of Peter’s practice involved employment cases. After working for the Department of Labor and EEOC, he started his own legal practice in Hoboken, NJ, in the early 1980s. Peter took on cases against race discrimination and age discrimination, founded the National Employees Lawyers’ Association of New Jersey, and acted as an expert witness and unpaid lobbyist. Peter made his mark on New Jersey employment law through his unique combination of quantitative skills, outside-the-box thinking, and boundless enthusiasm for advancing the rights of employees, women, and people of color.


NELA-NJ 10th Anniversary Program

"Our success as the thriving NELA Chapter we are is inextricably bound with our tireless founder and leader, Peter van Schaick."


Peter's Toast at NELA-NJ 10th Anniversary

"Thus, we will become the midwives to the birth of the just cause rule..."


Article: Peter testifies for NJ Senate 

In 1991 Peter testified in favor of further reforms to the NJ Law Against Discrimination

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